Michael Schmitz

Hi, my name is Michael. I am an international freelance prospector for gold and diamonds and I love gold. I simply love everything around the physical gold and think my deep passion is a heritage from my father who used to dig for gold and oil in Mexico and South-America in the thirties of the past century.

I love the search for gold, the hunt for the treasure. I love gold mining, washing, smelting, the yellow dust in the pan, detecting nuggets and ores. I love the coins, bullion, jewellery, the value, the touch of gold, the heaviness, the colour of gold, the smell of gold and the sound of gold. Have you ever smelled any other metal or heard the sound of it? None is comparable to gold!

But I also love Nature, our common environment and the mutual benefit we can share by mining and using Nature’s gold in a responsible and sustainable way. Our common wealth is worth so much more than all the gold we can dig from the ground. Gold is just one medium to achieve this. Gold is created from Nature; gold creates money and money is an energy and energy is what connects us all.

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