Ethics of Fair Mining

If you dig for gold, sooner or later you might be asking what consequences your work will have. Think – mining is not manufacturing anything. Mining is taking something that is already there. Would you like to give something back in return or take what you get and leave? And what does environmental protection mean to you? Is it just a slogan or another word for costs? What about the profits you gain from the ground? Do you use them to feed your family, buy a grand estate, a super-car and a luxury-yacht or do you share your wealth with others and use it to make our world a better place?

Honestly, when I dug my first spade into the ground and filled my very first pan, I wasn’t even thinking of any of those questions. I just saw the gold and the profit, which I wanted to shovel into my wallet. Meanwhile many years have passed. I dug a lot of holes and saw the consequences of my work and effect it had on Nature, plants and wildlife and to other human beings. Some were good but others weren’t.

Well, you might call me blue-eyed and innocent; but what if we try to do something good for the benefit all with the money we dig from the ground, instead of only filling our pockets and leaving? What if we fix it in our company statutes, that one third of the profit has to be reinvested into the recultivation of the Nature we have destroyed with our mining and for social programs of the nearby communities; another third for the workers and the remaining one third for the shareholders and investors. How does this sound? Well, the numbers may vary but the principle stays. Gold is money and money is energy and energy is what connects us all. Let’s use it in a way that’s beneficial for all of us.

Why not!

I have seen too many goldmines that work differently. They ruin the environment, exploit the workers and only a very few people make their profit. It should be the opposite. With ethical thinking and working practice we can all benefit from the mutual heritage given by mother Nature. Why don’t we try it? It can only be a win, win situation.

“It follows that we then affect others, … You feel good and others feel good because you feel good! It seems so simple. Find what makes you happy in life and get as much of it as possible. This is how it is meant to be. You are meant to be happy. You are not here to be unhappy. Therefore make choices that inspire, fulfil and uplift you and bring you to a state of happiness. … If you are feeling happy as you read these words then you will agree but if you’re not then no doubt you are thinking, ‘well okay but how’? The answer is to use your tools. Always you have the tools to bring what you want into your life. … This is how it works! Creating happiness is about attracting into your life what brings you satisfaction and joy. If you are joyous then you send out joyous vibrations and the world benefits. Find your satisfaction and happiness first. This is not selfish, guilty, pleasure; it is how it is meant to be. Please yourself and others benefit. This is the truth.” (Quoted with kind permission from Christine Allison’s book: Soul Work!)

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